A joint meeting of


International Society for Functional Source Imaging

International Society for Bioelectromagnetism

International Society for Neuroimaging in Psychiatry

EEG and Clinical Neuroscience Society

International Society for Brain Electromagnetic Topography

BaCI 2013 was the first international conference on  Basic and Clinical multimodal Imaging (BaCI). 

It was a joint meeting of five international societies interested in the promotion and dissemination of non-invasive imaging methods that allow to understand human brain functions and their disturbances in neurological and psychiatric diseases. The meeting was an attempt to bring together basic and clinical scientists to discuss the newest methodological advances in imaging methodologies and their experimental and clinical applications.

The meeting was attended by 367 Participants from 25 different countries
It featured:
- 7 Keynote Lectures
- 16 Symposia
- 155 Posters

16 Sponsors and 9 exhibitors supported the conference.

Details of the program can be seen on the subpages of this site.

You can see a detailed report of the meeting and the results of the survey that was launched after the meeting here.

A slideshow movie of photos taken by our photographer Raphael Theze-Boissonnet can be seen and downloaded here

Alternatively the individual photos can be seen here.

We hope we can welcome you soon again to the next BaCI meeting. It is planned for 2015 and we are working hard to make this happen.
Any proposals for the next meeting can be sent to: Christoph.Michel@unige.ch

In the name of the organizing committee I thank all participants for their very active contributions to the success of the meeting.

Christoph Michel